6 Pack Lash Stack

I wore lashes for a very large majority of these past 6 years! I used them for dance performances and makeup pics and etc.; I got so sick of how all the ones that I had used were so uncomfortable that I took a 1 year break because they limited the vision, they were itchy and how stiff/hard they were that I just got fed up! So around early January I tried "Jess" and they were full length but were very comfortable which I was shocked due to my previous experiences. Ever since that I have bought over 13 eye lashes from you guys and a good portion I have given out to friend and strangers that share the same "obsession" in makeup as I. I can truly say that they are great eyelashes and the price is amazing!...


amanda gray
I just simply loooooove these lashes!! Taylor is very whispy like and glamorous, yet still natural looking. Makes your look go from blah to glamorous. I can't wait until they are back in stock. :) Definitely my go to everyday lashes....


I absolutely love these lashes! I love the wispy look and these are the best I've seen so far. Unfortunately, these lashes have been sold out for awhile. When will you have them back in stock? I'll be buying in bulk for sure next time:)...


Chelsea Nation
Love these lashes! They're super comfy, the band is very manageable and they are super light. They're like a glam Demi wispie almost....


Kawana Smith
Very wispy pretty lashes and a tad bit wispier than regular wispie lashes. I'm ordering more before they are out of stock again....


mariana rios
Again, what you see is what you get! they are certainly wispy, so adorable, and natural. Of course they are long and perfect for natural to dramatic eyes. The quality definitely exceeds the price on these babies. Get them while they're hot gals!...