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Three Words!


Unfortunately, I was not born with naturally full eyelashes, so I had to intervene. For many years, I have been obsessed with eyelashes. I mean, what a way to make an eye catching statement. Fashion, through clothes, shoes, and purses, are what makes a girl extra gorgeous; but, to add that extra oomph to a look, eyelashes, are the way to go.


There are a plethora of eyelashes out there. From different types, brands, styles, and colors, there's quite a range to choose from. Your look can significantly change using eyelashes; and depending on your mood, personality, and lifestyle, achieving this is simply, rather simple.


However, choosing the right eyelash can become a quite complex, and convoluted endeavor. To get the right one, a girl like me, had to try all of the brands out there (literally all of the brands), to finally rest upon my most favorite type and brand. But, one day, realizing how many pairs of eyelashes I went through in a week, and how much I would spend (nearly $348.17 a week), I began contemplating the expensive hobby, and began purchasing more, how do you say, cost effective alternatives (much cheaper brands). These alternatives were not up to par, so to speak; and again, I found myself spending more for higher quality eyelashes. I only wished that one day, there would be an easier, more affordable way, to purchase high quality eyelashes without all of the hassles of spending more, testing the products, and of course, driving.


Then one day...


...my significant other and I put our brains together, and thought of an idea to make my wishes come true. Through our hardcore research (A LOT of due diligence...seriously) and many trials, we have found the perfect, "Superlative Quality" False Lashes and accessories. But it didn’t end there, we teamed up with the highest quality eyelash manufacturers, to develop our brand (the same manufacturers that the Big Brands use), ideas, and next thing you know, eyeLuv.me was born. I was so ecstatic with what we were exposed to, that I wanted the rest of the world to have the same opportunity as me; which was...to look beautiful with the finest quality eyelashes, without having to spend and experiment too much.




...here we are...through www.eyeLuv.me, created just for you; offering the finest and superlative quality eyelashes and accessories. eyeLuv.me is more than just about eyelashes. We are dedicated to delivering superb customer service and attention-to-detail. We strive to be eco-friendly with the materials we use; and we provide a conscious employee environment. Furthermore, giving back to the community is highly important to us as well.


Overall, we "Vow" that our products are manufactured with "Superlative Quality," super easy to apply, and so comfortable, that they will look and feel like your own. Each Lash is prepared by hand and sterilized; which are comparable, if not similar, to well known brands (you know who they are); but with one difference, our prices are to die for! We also understand that looking beautiful shouldn't be difficult; therefore, we strongly believe that a happy customer is a satisfied customer! Remember, you don't have to be famous to feel and look like a RockStar!


contact us: flo-ceo@eyeluv.me for MUA inquiries and chris-vpsales@eyeluv.me for Sales inquiries.

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